About Us

It’s simple. We believe everyone has a right to the very best tools required to reach their academic potential.

Our Mission

We are Ben’s Tutors. Our mission is to provide top quality tutoring at affordable prices for all students from Year 7 through to A Levels and University applications. Our competitive prices ensure that both parents and tutors get a fair deal – unlike many other tutoring services. All of our tutors have recent first-hand experience of what they are teaching, and are now studying it to a higher level at a world class university. It is this attempt to connect students with their older peers at University that is core to our approach. This connection is integral as it shares success and insights that cannot be found anywhere else. Want to get an A* in Maths A Level? Well here is someone who managed it and grew up two streets away! In this way, our tutoring emphasises shared experiences to boost the students confidence in their own abilities.

Our History

Ben’s Tutors was founded by school friends Ben Wright and Simon Jones in March this year and since then has gone from strength to strength. The team has slowly grown and now encompasses a huge variety of school subjects. All of our tutors are dynamic, academic individuals eager to share their passion and knowledge of their subjects.

Comany Information

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