Ishan Barve

Natural Sciences Student at Durham University.

About Me

Hi, I’m Ishan and I’m a 1st Year at Durham University. During my year at Ashbourne, I spent a lot of time focussing on understanding of my A Levels and the exam boards themselves. I had proven my curiosity and ability in Maths Challenges, Olympiads and an essay competition. I realised that my curiosity would only take me so far. To get the grades I wanted, I would have to understand how to play the game. When I opened my results in August, I knew it was worth it.

I spent the next year teaching skiing to all age groups. In order to pass my BASI Level 2 qualification, I had to study base level educational psychology. Here I gained valuable teaching experience over the course of 5 months. While retaking, I revised by teaching others topics that I had previously found challenging. I have also been coaching rowers as a cox for 7 years now. This has furthered my teaching experience and has coupled well with my Ed Psych 1st Year Module at Durham.

Academic Qualifications

BSc Natural Sciences
Durham University (2019-2022)
Predicted Grade: 2:1

Ashbourne College (2017-2018)
Chemistry A*, Physics A, Biology A

Tutoring/Mentoring Experience

A Level and GCSE Tutor

Primary School Tutoring

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