Sara Helin

Engineering Science Student at Oxford University.
Borlase Alumna.

About Me

Hi, my name is Sara, and I am a first year, undergrad, Engineering Science student- which means I get to explore maths and physics alike! I began tutoring in 6th form, when I taught maths and mentored STEM projects and CREST awards. My love of engineering is proven by my success in national engineering competitions, which I can offer guidance in.

At school I was able to lead my school’s Engineering Society, become the STEM prefect and VC of rowing. I successfully navigated the Oxford admissions process, this included the personal statement, PAT and interviews, both of which I can offer advice on.

In my experience, understanding where certain concepts come from is the key to applying them effectively and forms the basis of my tutoring style.

At University I earned the collections prize for excellence in my last set of exams.

I still row and study the subject I love, with an IET Scholarship, I can’t wait to help you get there too!

Academic Qualifications

MEng Engineering Science
Oxford University (2019-2023)
Predicted Grade: 1:1

Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School (2017-2019)
Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Physics A*, Economics A

Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School (2012-2017)
A*s: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, English Language, Geography, History, French

Tutoring/Mentoring Experience

A Level and GCSE Tutor

Primary School Tutoring

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