The Tutors

Ben Wright
University: Durham 2017-2020
Degree: BSc Natural Sciences in Physics and Economics
Secondary School: Borlase 2009-2016
A Levels: Maths A*, Physics A, Economics A, Further Maths (AS Level) A

Hi, I’m Ben, the founder of Ben’s Tutors which I set up in March 2020. I’m currently in my final year of university. I’ve loved my experience of education through school and uni, admittedly spending a lot of my time rowing! I represented both my school and university at Henley Royal Regatta, reaching the final last year, and also achieved GB selection at school winning bronze at the Junior European Championships. While at Borlase, I spent time mentoring children at local primary schools and younger students in my vertical tutor group. I love helping others with learning and understanding subjects that I have a great passion for and look forward to taking and arranging tutor sessions for you.

Simon Jones
University: Durham 2016-2019
Degree: BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics
Secondary School: Borlase 2009-2016
A Levels: Maths A*, Politics A, History A

Hello! My name’s Simon, co-founder of Ben’s Tutors. I recently graduated Durham University having studied there for three years. In that time I organised my college Freshers’ week and was Head of Sponsorship for the nation’s top solar car team! I have had a busy year since graduation. In the summer I worked in Russia at an English-speaking school. Upon arriving home, I worked in Westminster until Christmas. After that, I coached Rowing at Oxford University. More recently I travelled to Russia for a month staying in Moscow and the surrounding region. Quite an eclectic mix of experiences but in that time, I haven’t forgotten how to write a good essay! I am eager to share some tips and tricks that got me through school and beyond.

I have spent a lot of time working with students of different ages. This work has been sport and extra-curricular as well as academics. I am comfortable with all subjects and I look forward to sharing my love of learning and helping students achieve the very best they are capable of.

Henry Bennett
University: Cambridge 2016-2022
Degree: MBBChir (Medicine), BA Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Secondary School: John Hampden 2009-2014 and Borlase 2014-2016
A Levels: Maths A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A*, French (AS Level) A

Hi! I’m Henry and I’m currently in my 4th year of medicine at Cambridge, having studied physiology and neuroscience in my 3rd year. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at school and have loved continuing to explore science and medicine at uni, while continuing to stay involved in my college’s boat club. I’ve also continued to study French at uni and would be happy to tutor to a GCSE level! I began mentoring in sixth from, where I taught English and Maths at a local primary school in my free periods and I have continued to tutor science and maths to GCSE and A-Level students, both in person and online, during my time at uni. In my free time, I spend far too much time finding new things to cook, as well as rowing and cycling. I love finding new ways to explain concepts to students and look forward to tutoring you!

Matthew Jones
University: Oxford 2018-2021
Degree: BA Economics and Management
Secondary School: Borlase 2011-2018
A Levels: Maths A*, Economics A, Physics A, Further Maths (AS Level) A

Hi! I was told to write a little about myself so here we go.
A bit about me: I thoroughly enjoyed studying at Borlase for seven years and made some great friends there. A big part of my time at Borlase was rowing. Having enjoyed it at school, I got stuck in at college which made me want to push myself even further. That drive has led me to successfully join the Oxford University Boat Club squad which was training towards The Boat Race until it was unfortunately been cancelled.

Balancing the large time committment of rowing has forced me to use my studying time effectively and I’d love to share some tips I’ve picked up with you. If you have any questions about Oxbridge I am also here to help and demystify the process!

Angus Bolton
University: St Andrews 2016-2020
Degree: MA Mathematics and Economics
Secondary School: Borlase 2009-2016
A Levels: Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Economics A*, Physics A

Hi, my name’s Angus, and I am currently in my final year at the University of St Andrews. I’m a personal tutor, general maths enthusiast and am presently studying Economics and Mathematics at the University of St Andrews. I currently tutor at GCSE, A-level and Scottish Highers level. As shown by my qualifications, I have a deep understanding of my subjects and know exactly what it takes to get you the highest grades. I am friendly, approachable and flexible in terms of when tutorials are held.

Chloe Nicklin
University: Oxford 2018-2021
Degree: BA Archaeology and Anthropology
Secondary School: Borlase 2011-2018
A Levels: English Lit A*, Biology A, Geology A

Hi! I’m Chloe, a student at Oxford University studying Archaeology and Anthropology. Before that, I was a student at Borlase, where I spent my time playing sports including rowing, and participating in performing arts. This taught me a lot about teaching and coaching students of all ages. I coached on the year 9 learn to row camp multiple times, and was a student conductor for both the Junior Girls Choir and Gospel Choir. Alongside this, I student mentored GCSE biology, helping all of my students achieved at least an A in their final exams. During my time at Oxford, I have continued tutoring and coaching. Last Easter, I tutored an A-Level English student, helping her to achieve one of only two A grades in the subject at her school.

I also do freelance rowing coaching at Lady Margaret Hall college boat club, Oriel College summer schools, and at the Leander club on corporate training days. This wide range of coaching and teaching experience allows me to work with pupils of almost any age or background to achieve their academic goals. I am able to provide valuable insight for University admissions, especially Oxbridge admissions, personal statements and interview prep.

Izzie Peplow
University: Durham 2018-2021
Degree: BA Modern Languages and Cultures (Spanish, Italian and Catalan)
Secondary School: Borlase 2011-2018
A Levels: Spanish A*, English Literature A*, Geography A*, Maths A

Hi- I’m Izzie and I’m a second year languages student at Durham. I studied at Borlase, which I loved: I really enjoyed taking advantage of all the extra curriculars. I did rowing for 4 years, conducted Junior Girl’s and Gospel choir, played piano and ran the Spanish society. I also enjoyed my academics, teaching myself Maths A level and achieving the highest mark in my year in both my Spanish and English A levels. I continued tutoring 5 GCSE students during year 12/13 in Maths and Spanish. All of these students achieved their predicted grade or above in their exams, with one getting a 9 in her Spanish GCSE.

Now at Durham, I study three languages and have cultural modules in these subjects which include literature and film studies. I also cox for the university’s men’s squad. During summers I teach sailing to children aged 8-16 so have experience with communicating clearly to all ages.

I’m happy to help with Spanish or Italian oral practice, in a relaxed environment or help students with homework and go over essays to offer grammar help and marking. My passion for languages is great for encouraging those who aren’t particularly keen and for stretching those who are looking to achieve top grades.

Ellen Roberts
University: Durham 2016-2019
Degree: LLB Law
Secondary School: Borlase 2009-2016
A Levels: Psychology A*, English A, History A

Hi! I’m Ellen and last June I graduated from Durham University. I am currently studying the Legal Practice Course to become a solicitor. I was a keen rower at school and University and the Vice Captain of Durham University’s Boat Club. I have also coached rowing and worked with younger students. 

I achieved First Class Honours studying law at Durham, which has equipped me with excellent analytical and essay writing capabilities. I am happy to help students with their History, English and Psychology studies, and offer assistance in producing great essays through discussing essay plans and topics, and marking. I am also happy to have a chat with any student looking to pursue a career in law. I look forward to sharing my skills and experiences with you.

Ed Tyler
University: Cambridge 2018-2021
Degree: BA Geography
Secondary School: Borlase 2011-2018
A Levels: Geography A*, Maths A, German A

Hello! My name is Ed and I am currently in my second year studying geography at Sidney Sussex College at Cambridge University. Unlike many of my course mates at Cambridge I have maintained an interest in both human and physical geography, and so I have studied a pretty wide range of topics in my 2 years so far. I have supplemented this with regular involvement in the college’s geography society, so its probably fair to say I’m quite passionate about the subject. When I’m not writing essays, I’m also a keen hockey player, having captained the University 1st team this year (including to a massive Varsity win over Oxford).

I have done a considerable amount of hockey coaching at school, club and county levels. In years 12 and 13 at school I was also involved in mentoring and support in maths and geography for younger year groups. I look forward to offering help with essay-writing and more general tutoring.

Sara Helin
University: Oxford 2019-2023
Degree: MEng Engineering Science
Secondary School: Borlase 2012-2019
A Levels: Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Physics A, Economics A

Hi, my name is Sara, and I am a first year, undergrad, Engineering Science student- which means I get to explore maths and physics alike! I began tutoring in 6th form, when I taught maths and mentored STEM projects and CREST awards. My love of engineering is proven by my success in national engineering competitions, which I can offer guidance in.

At school I was able to lead my school’s Engineering Society, become the STEM prefect and VC of rowing. I successfully navigated the Oxford admissions process, this included the personal statement, PAT and interviews, both of which I can offer advice on.

In my experience, understanding where certain concepts come from is the key to applying them effectively and forms the basis of my tutoring style.

At University I earned the collections prize for excellence in my last set of exams.

I still row and study the subject I love, with an IET Scholarship, I can’t wait to help you get there too!

Gregory Tyler
University: Durham 2018-2021
Degree: MEng Engineering
Secondary School: Borlase 2011-2018
A Levels: Maths A*, Further Maths A, Physics A

Hello! My name is Greg Tyler and I am currently a second year student at Durham University studying Engineering and looking to specialise in Civil and Structural Engineering. During the first two years of my course I have studied a wide breadth of topics, from fluid mechanics to electrical engineering. Alongside my academic work I have played hockey for the university.

I have experience teaching younger students from mentoring maths during my time at school and through hockey coaching.

Freya Ruparel
University: Cambridge 2019-2022
Degree: BA Geogrpahy
Secondary School: Borlase 2012-2017 and Henley College 2017-2019
A Levels: Geography A*, Environmental Science A, Philosophy A

Hi, Im Freya. I am a current University of Cambridge Geography student in their first year who enjoys helping people succeed at GCSE, A-Levels and Admissions, specialising in Geography. Friendly and kind but will push you to the best of your ability. High availability to suit your needs.

I achieved all A*’s and A’s at GCSE and A*AA in Geography, Philosophy and Environmental Science A-Level. I achieved full marks in my GCSE geography exam and A-Level Geography coursework. I have previous experience in tutoring students preparing for Oxbridge applications and A-Level Geography.

I personally particularly enjoy human geography and emerging focuses such as the environment and sustainability. In my spare time I love to dance, spend time with my family and friends and play with my cats. My dancing has led me across the world competing in Slovenia, on the BBC and at the O2.

Ben Dawson

University: Warwick 2016-2019
Degree: BSc Mathematics
Secondary School: Borlase 2009-2016
A Levels: Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Physics A, Economics B

Hi, I’m Ben, and Ben’s Tutors isn’t named after me. I graduated from Warwick with a 1st in maths in July 2019, and have been coaching hockey at Borlase since, on a gap year. Being back at Borlase as a coach has been a wonderful experience, and I’ve had a great time getting to know pupils from up and down the year groups.

I gained a lot of teaching experience even before I left school. By year 13, I was helping in KS4 maths lessons, in lunchtime catch-up classes, and I was leading sessions for ‘Pete’s Bar and Grill’, Borlase’s maths society. This trend continued during my time at university, where I became an informal tutor to my entire house of 5 maths students!

As a maths tutor I aim to tailor my style of teaching to best suit each individual tutee, in recognition of the many different ways people can understand mathematical ideas. I am able to provide maths tuition up to A level standard, and physics tuition up to GCSE standard. I can also offer a head start to anyone who is intending to start a maths degree in September 2020, and would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering whether a maths degree would be right for them. I look forward to meeting you!

Ishan Barve

University: Durham 2019-2022
Degree: BSc Natural Sciences
Secondary School: Latymer Upper 2010-2017 and Ashbourne College 2017-2018
A Levels: Chemistry A*, Physics A, Biology A

Hi, I’m Ishan and I’m a 1st Year at Durham University. During my year at Ashbourne, I spent a lot of time focussing on understanding of my A Levels and the exam boards themselves. I had proven my curiosity and ability in Maths Challenges, Olympiads and an essay competition. I realised that my curiosity would only take me so far. To get the grades I wanted, I would have to understand how to play the game. When I opened my results in August, I knew it was worth it.

I spent the next year teaching skiing to all age groups. In order to pass my BASI Level 2 qualification, I had to study base level educational psychology. Here I gained valuable teaching experience over the course of 5 months. While retaking, I revised by teaching others topics that I had previously found challenging. I have also been coaching rowers as a cox for 7 years now. This has furthered my teaching experience and has coupled well with my Ed Psych 1st Year Module at Durham.

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